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Bridge Underpass Mould

Project: Bridge Underpass Mould
Description: Underpass mould for foot and bicycle access under a vehicle bridge.

The Supabowl

Project: Unique Supabowl Project

Elevated Tank Forms

Project: Elevated Water Tank and Shaft
Description: Water supply for the town of Denham

Arch Mould

Project: Arch Mould
Description: Underpass used mostly on mine sites when creating over pass vehicle access.
Pier mold 1

Tonkin Gap Project

Project: Tonkin Gap Project
Description: Steel fabricated Pier forms for the construction of the new Tonkin Highway Bridge.

Transport Stands – Humes

Project: Transport Stands
Description: Heavy Transport Frames for the safe transport of stressing wire.
Yagan Perth

Yagan Square Seat Moulds

Project: Seat Moulds

Trough Moulds

Project: Round and Oblong Trough Moulds
Description: Livestock Tank Troughs

Hydraulic cylinder assembly bench – Westrac

Project: Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly Bench

we also offer

in house 3D design and consultation

Metal West are a solutions and service company. From a fully supplied set of project drawings to a concept needing preliminary advice – we can meet, listen, discuss and help our clients execute all types of steel fabrication projects.

Our design team have the ability to site measure, concept design and fully draft a product so our client can see a final product long before fabrication begins.

As a company dedicated to continual improvement we continually seek and implement design enhancements through our design process. We tailor each project to our clients needs and follow through with backup service to ensure clients expectations are always exceeded.